How to Make Easy Poker Chips

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Making your own poker chips is a fun way to create custom poker chips that are unique to you. One method of making poker chips involves creating a clay cane that can be sliced into discs and then baked. If you've never made a clay cane before, do a couple of test canes to practice the technique before moving ahead to poker chips. Though making your own poker chips is more labour-intensive than buying them, you will be left with a set of interesting and unusual poker chips that are sure to liven up any game.

Roll a long cylinder of red polymer clay, such as Fimo, for the solid-coloured centre of the poker chip. Compare the cylinder diameter to a real poker chip to get the correct thickness, and try to keep that thickness uniform throughout the cylinder.

Roll out several skinnier strips of white and red Fimo clay, and place them along the length of the larger red cylinder. This creates the dotted line patterns on the face of the poker chip.

Roll out a long, thin layer of red Fimo clay, and wrap the cane evenly with it. Press out any air bubbles, and try not to distort the shape of the cane too much. Check the end ("face") of the cane against a poker chip to see if it looks accurate.

Wrap the cane in waxed paper and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes to firm it up.

Remove the cane from the freezer, and place it next to a ruler. Lightly mark the cane where you want to cut each poker chip. Again, use a real poker chip to get the appropriate width.

Slice the cane where you marked it with a razor blade. Arrange the poker chips evenly onto a baking tray when finished.

Bake the poker chips according to the directions on your package of Fimo clay. Most Fimo clay bakes at 129 degrees Cor 30 minutes to harden completely.

Remove the poker chips from the oven, and let them cool off for at least 30 minutes before handling.

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