How to Dress in the 80s Style for Girls

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The styles and fashion trends of the 1980s were characterised by loud prints, bright colours and big clothing. Layering was a popular trend in both clothing and jewellery. Girls couldn't get their hair big enough, which called for layers of hairspray.

Madonna was a fashion icon and nearly every girl concerned with style wanted to look and dress just like her. You can bring back that '80s look from head to toe with a few simple wardrobe items and accessories.

Put a pair of shoulder pads in any jacket or oversized top. The brighter the colour or bolder the print, the better. For a more genuine '80s look, roll up the sleeves of your jacket a few times.

Wear your oversized shirt or blazer with the shoulder pads in it over a pair of stretchy knit stirrup trousers. When shopping for stirrup trousers, look for bright colours like turquoise and coral. Bold patterns will also work well; think animal prints like zebra or even cheetah. If you can't find a pair of stirrup trousers, try a denim or leather miniskirt over a pair of bright-coloured or patterned tights. Don't forget your legwarmers.

Slide your feet into a pair of "wedgie" shoes, jelly shoes or a pair of high-tops and you're set. Pumps were another popular footwear item. The brighter the colour of pump you can find, the more authentic you will look.

Adorn your short or long locks in true '80s fashion with hair accessories such as headbands, hair ties, banana clips and ribbon barrettes.