How to Make My Sofa Bed Stop Squeaking

A good night's sleep is one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle. But if you are sleeping on a squeaking sofa bed, that may be impossible. Eliminating the squeaks in your sofa bed often is a trial-and-error process that will require you to be somewhat of a detective in order to find the problem. The first step in finding the problem is determining whether the problem is caused by wooden parts or metal parts.

Open the bed and lie on it. Move around and listen for the squeaks. Pinpoint where the squeak is within the bed and the sofa.

Remove the mattress if you find the squeaking comes from underneath the mattress.

Tighten the screws, if there are any, around where the squeaking is coming from. Apply some spray oil to that area.

Remove all of the screws and rub them with dry soap or place plastic washers on the screws. This can be done on wood parts. Put them back in the bed. The dry soap acts as a lubricant and plastic washers will act as a buffer.

Put the mattress back on the sofa bed. Move around on it and listen for squeaks. You may have to go back and lift up the mattress again. Also, try to slightly loosen the suspect screw instead of tightening it.

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