How to Put My Bond Elite Knitting Machine Together

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The Bond Company has been in business for over 20 years and manufactures devices to facilitate knitting and crafting in the home. The Bond Elite Knitting Machine (and the updated model, The Ultimate Sweater Machine) can knit large pieces of fabric, which you can sew to create sweaters and blankets. Most hand-knitting patterns can be adapted for the Bond Knitting Machine. The Bond Company also sells extensions for the knitting machine to make larger fabric pieces. The machine comes with most of the materials you will need to assemble it.

Place a wooden board over the table you will be working on so you can attach the machine more securely. Lay the two sections of the machine base end to end, so that the yellow tape on one section lines up with the yellow tape on the other section. The long side of the machine should line up with the edge of the table.

Place the bolts through the pre-made holes in the bottom of the machine. Screw the nuts onto the ends.

Slide the long metal part of the clamp through the holes indicated on the underside of the machine. Lay the machine flat against the table, with the screw part of the clamp positioned under the edge of the table. Tighten the clamps until they grip the table firmly.

Peel the yellow tape off of the top of the machine. Peel the backings off of the long white stickers and stick them to the top of the machine: Stick them next to and parallel to the green retainer bar, on the side closest to the edge of the table. Start by sticking the end of the tape to the outside edge of the last grey bar on the right side and press it against each grey bar heading toward the centre. Begin sticking the second sticker at the edge of the end of the first sticker. The black lines on the sticker should line up with the edges of the grey bars.

Slide the green panels across the inner section of the machine to select which needles will be active. Slip the rod weights through the black vinyl hem. Lay the hem across the needles, so the points poke through the holes in the hem.

Slide the yarn needle across the needles sticking out from the edge of the machine. Flip the tiny hook open on each needle.

Run a length of thread over the row of needles protruding from the edge of the machine. Cut the thread with scissors, allowing a bit to hang over on each side of the row of needles. Attach a clothespin to each end of the thread for weight. Flip the top part of the hem downward so that the thread holds it up. Push the hem back so that it touches the edge of the table.

Clip the carriage to the top of the machine, over the bed of needles. Open the lid of the carriage and place the desired key plate inside. Press the key plate down so it is secure. Your may now use your machine.

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