How to Pass the Combination Lock on the "Saw" Game

The video game "Saw" is a third-person survival horror game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC platforms as of 2010. It is based on the Saw movie franchise. The player controls a former detective trapped in the killer Jigsaw's asylum of traps and puzzles.

There are several combination lock puzzles within the game. The combinations to each lock are found written on hidden pieces throughout the game.

Close the cubicle doors after you first encounter a combination lock in a bathroom early in the game. Stand on the highlighted part of the floor and look in the mirror. These are the numbers to the combination lock.

Enter a room with a fusebox, three television sets, and a combination lock. Turn on the three television sets to reveal the combination.

Enter a room with pig racks and bombs. A message on the wall says, "RIGID ARMS CONTAIN THE CODE." Go into the room of mannequins and turn on the lights to reveal the combination highlighted on the wall.

Find a room with a projector. Turn on the projector and flip through the slides to find the combination written on each slide.

Meet the victim named Jeff, and you will be in another room with a combination. Look through the peephole to find the combination.

Find the televisions sets in a kitchen with a message that says "SHED SOME LIGHT." Take note of the colours. Enter the stage lighting area to install light bulbs you picked up. Install the bulbs in the order of the colours from the TV sets to reveal the combination.