How to Maintain a York Treadmill

man assembling a treadmill image by Leticia Wilson from

York Fitness produces a wide array of fitness products, including home treadmills. Home treadmills are popular because they allow you to exercise in any sort of weather in comfort. Treadmills require a certain amount of care, whether professional or do-it-yourself.

You can save a lot of money on repair costs if you maintain your treadmill on a day-to-day basis.

Use a slightly damp dust cloth with mild detergent to clean the belt. Do not clean under the belt. Do not use any other cleaning products for this.

Ensure that parts are not getting too worn. Make sure the power cord is not caught under the base. Tighten loose knobs as needed before they become unusable or dangerous. Check parts for wear on a regular basis, especially the belt. Worn parts mean danger if they are not replaced immediately.

Remove the bonnet every few months with a screwdriver and vacuum the interior. Pay particular attention to the areas around the pulleys and engine.

Tighten the screws on the mat if you notice it moving the to the left or right. If it moves to the right, turn the right screw a half turn clockwise, then test the mat. If it still moves, adjust the left screw by a half turn counterclockwise. If the mat moves to the left, turn the right screw a half turn counterclockwise, test it and then turn the left screw half a turn clockwise if needed.

Lubricate the treadmill every two to eight months, depending on your usage. While the treadmill is off and in the storage position, feel the underside of the mat. If it is not slick, apply a light covering of silicone lubricant (a product-specific lubricant is sold by York).

Inspect your treadmill after every workout. Look for any loose bolts or screws, and tighten them as needed, but not too tightly. Also be sure to wipe down the treadmill after every use.