How to make an origami paper machine gun

Patrick Ryan/Lifesize/Getty Images

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. However, it did not originate in Japan. Origami began in China during the first or second century and spread to Japan in the sixth century. For centuries, the art of origami was passed down from generation to generation without being written down.

Many shapes and figures can be created using just a few sheets of paper from animals to flowers to intricate design pieces. An origami machine gun can be created in just a few minutes and with two pieces of paper.

Fold one of the pieces of paper in half. Tear the paper in half along the fold. Discard one half of the paper. Fold the remaining piece of paper in half again and tear along the fold.

Fold each of the two remaining halves into thirds, folding the paper lengthwise. Find the centre of the paper, then fold up each end of the paper to create a triangle shape. Place the two forms off to the side.

Take the other sheet of paper and roll it up into a tight tube. The tighter the tube the better. Start at one corner of the paper and roll it toward the diagonal corner on the opposite side from it. Once rolled, fold the tube in half.

Fold one of the triangle shaped forms so that the arms of the triangle lie on top of one another. The form should now look like the number seven. A loop should have formed at the end of the triangle. If there is no loop, reverse the fold to form the loop. Repeat on the other triangle form.

Thread the rolled tube through the loop of the number seven shaped form. Work the tube through until it reaches the end. This will form the first handle on the machine gun. Thread the second handle onto the gun stopping it just short of the first handle.