How to make a chocolate bar bouquet

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While most women enjoy receiving a bouquet of fresh flowers, men along with some women, typically do not. For those in your life who would not be exactly thrilled with a bouquet of roses, you can give them the next best thing, a bouquet of chocolate bars. These chocolate bar bouquets can be customised and personalised for the recipient and you can easily make them at home. With a few supplies and a little creativity, you can give an edible bouquet. Just don't be surprised if it doesn't last much longer than a bouquet of roses.

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Select your base. Choose a base for your chocolate bar bouquet, such as a round or curved glass flower vase or a small box. Make sure that the vase is sturdy enough to hold the weight of your chocolate bars.

Select your chocolate bars. Choose from a wide assortment of chocolate bars such as mini chocolate bars, regular sized, and large in order to create some dimension in your bouquet.

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Cut your foam. Size a piece of floral foam so that it will fit snugly inside of your base, whether you are using a box or a vase, and then use a utility knife to cut the foam to the appropriate dimensions.

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Cover your foam. When using a glass vase, wrap your floral foam in tissue paper in the colour of your choice in order to keep the foam from being seen through the glass. Also do this if you are using a box, for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Place your foam with the tissue paper covering inside of your chosen base.

Arrange your chocolate bars prior to placing them into the foam. Choose the design pattern you want to have them arranged in once they are inside of the vase or box, and then trim the kebab skewers so that the stems are different lengths. Try different patterns, such as smaller chocolate bars in the front, medium in the middle and larger ones in the back, or vice versa.

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Decorate your stems. Take your kebab skewers and decorate them prior to gluing them to your chocolate bars. Paint them in the colour of your choice, wrap them with ribbon or fabric, or tie ribbons on them.

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Place a small dab of glue onto the backs of your wrapped chocolate bars. Firmly adhere a wooden kebab skewer onto the area with the glue and hold until the glue has set. Continue until all of your chocolate bars have skewers attached onto the backs of them.

Stick your chocolate bar flowers into the foam according to your chosen design pattern.

Tie a ribbon in the colour of your choice around the glass vase or box for added decoration.

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