DIY wooden letter box

trgowanlock/iStock/Getty Images

Making a do-it-yourself letter box is a cost-effective way of replacing an old or damaged one. You can make a basic box shape, or turn the letter box into a focal point by designing it in an unusual shape. A wooden box is easy to construct using scrap wood and some basic tools.

Create a design for your letter box on paper. A basic design is a wooden box with a slit in the top, mounted on a post or attached to a wall.

Add the dimensions of the letter box on the diagram. The standard letter box slot measures 30 by 5 cm (12 by 2 inches). The box itself needs to be big enough to hold all your post.

Cut the pieces of wood for the box to size. It needs four equal rectangular sides, plus two rectangular pieces of wood -- one for each end.

Saw the letter box slot into one of the sides.

Paint the wooden pieces in a colour of your choice. Personalise your letter box to fit your requirements. Include your house name or number on the front.

Leave the pieces of wood to dry and then nail them together, but do not use nails to attach the top rectangle.

Attach the lid of the letter box with a hinge.

Dig a 60 cm (2 feet) deep hole in the ground where you want to position the letterbox. Place the post in the hole and fill it with cement so that it is secure.

Nail the letter box on top of the post.