How to Measure My Finger to See What Size Ring I Wear

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If you are not sure what size ring you wear for a certain finger, don't just guess. A ring should fit comfortably and come off relatively easily, without having to resort to using soap or twisting and pulling. The most accurate method for figuring out ring size is to have a jeweller do it for you.

However, if you are shopping for a ring online, you can measure your finger to see what size ring you need to order. Whether you are a man or a woman, the process for determining ring size remains the same.

  • If you are not sure what size ring you wear for a certain finger, don't just guess.

Measure you finger at the end of the day. A cold finger will be smaller and yield a smaller size than appropriate. Cut a thin piece of paper to 3/4 inches wide by 3 inches long. Wrap the piece of paper around the base of your finger. Place a mark on the paper where it meets around the finger.

Place the cut end of the paper above the zero on the ruler. Measure the paper up to the marked point to the nearest 16th of an inch. Write down the measurement on the piece of paper.

Convert inches to ring size: if your strip of paper measured your finger at 1 13/16 inches, you are a ring size 4; 1 7/8 inches is a 4.5; 1 15/16 inches is a size 5; 2 inches is a 5.5; 2 1/16 inches is a size 6; 2 1/8 inches is a 6.5; 2 3/16 inches is a size 7; 2 1/4 inches is a 7.5; 2 5/16 inches is a size 8; 2 3/8 inches is a size 8.5; 2 7/16 inches is a size 9; 2 1/2 inches is a 9.5; 2 9/16 inches is a size 10; 2 5/8 inches is a 10.5; 2 11/16 inches is a size 11; 2 3/4 inches is a size 11.5; 2 13/16 inches is a size 12; 2 7/8 inches is a 12.5; and 2 15/16 inches is a size 13.