How to Use an NUS Card Online

NUS cards are issued by the National Union of Students, an organisation that acts in the interests of students studying in the United Kingdom. The cards offer students discounts when purchasing products or services from companies that have registered with the Union.

As of October 2010, these cards cost £10, are available from most higher education establishments and can be used in stores and online.

Visit the website of a retailer who accepts NUS cards. These are constantly changing and updating, but a list is available in the leaflet provided with your card and on the NUS website. Examples of companies currently accepting NUS cards include Apple, ASOS, Orange, Amazon and Superdrug.

Select the items which you wish to purchase from the site. Depending on what you are purchasing, select relevant details, such as the colour or size you wish to buy.

Add these items to your basket and click to checkout.

During checkout, look for the references to NUS cards. The location of the reference varies depending on the website. On sites such as ASOS, there is a box for you to enter your NUS number, which applies a 20 per cent discount. For Amazon, click "Apply Promotions or Gift Cards" and enter the relevant discount code from the NUS website.

Check that the discount has applied before paying for your purchase.