How to Write Names on Place Cards

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If you host a large party, such as a wedding, or want an elegant touch to a small one, writing place cards can cause you some confusion. Etiquette questions considering titles and the proper writing of names abound. Traditionally, place cards have the title and the person's last name.

You will see this format mostly at formal events such as weddings and major association events. In the 21st century, you can choose the many ways of writing the names. Just keep with the style for all name cards to provide uniformity and prevent confusion.

Check the spelling of each name on your list of guests. Misspelling a name is potentially an embarrassing situation as it implies that you don't care enough to check the spelling.

Select the paper and pen combo. Devise how the name card will look. Hosting a themed party gives you more options for place card holders.

Write the name of the person on the place card after choosing a style. Most weddings use the traditional style, which is Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Miss, followed by the person's last name. For an informal style, you can write just the first name of the person or the first and last name.