How to Download Music to Philips GoGear

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The MP3 audio format has led to the development of a variety of personal audio MP3 players. A number of companies produce these players, and though they play the same audio format, they often require proprietary software to play MP3s. Philips Electronics manufactures a line of personal audio MP3 players, known as GoGear, that can be used to play different media, including MP3s. With the correct software, you can download music to a Philips GoGear in a few steps.

Navigate to the Philips website (see Resources) and download Philips Songbird, CD Rip Support and Gracenote Metadata Lookup Provider software to your computer's desktop. Philips Songbird software organises your music library, updates it to your GoGear and is required for use with your GoGear. CD Rip Support and Gracenote Metadata Lookup Provider are required only to rip audio from CDs.

Double-click on the Philips Songbird icon on your desktop and follow the instructions in the install wizard. If a restart is required, restart your computer.

Double-click on the CD Rip Support and Gracenote Metadata Lookup Provider icons on your desktop and install them in the same fashion as Philips Songbird.

Launch Philips Songbird.

Click on the "Tools" menu and select "Options."

Select "CD Rip" from the top of the menu and set your desired CD rip preferences. These include the quality of the audio ripped from CDs as well as the location where the ripped files will be saved. Click on the "OK" button when you have completed your selections.

Insert an audio CD into your computer's CD or DVD drive.

Click "Import Media" and select the drive containing the audio CD.

Check the boxes next to the tracks you wish to import to your computer in Songbird and click on the "Rip CD" button to begin importing tracks.

Click "Import Media" to select audio files and add them to your Songbird music library.

Connect your Philips GoGear to your computer using a GoGear USB cable. This will begin the process of automatically syncing your Songbird music library and your GoGear.

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