Instructions for Wooden Dinosaur Skeletons

dinosaur image by Natalia Pavlova from

Wooden dinosaur skeletons are 3-D puzzles that have become a popular hobby for many kids. Dinosaur skeleton puzzles help kids develop their ability to think beyond two dimensions. Children also practice their hand-eye coordination, learn about the biology of dinosaurs and come to understand the work of archaeologists during this activity. Depending upon the age of the child and the complexity of the model, assembling wooden dinosaur skeletons can be a fun but educational challenge.

Open the 3-D dinosaur skeleton puzzle and find the instruction sheet.

Separate all puzzle or model pieces into corresponding piles. Some bones will be labelled A, B, or C, while some puzzles are labelled with numbers. This will help you see where the bones will go.

Assemble the base skeleton. Assembling the base skeleton first will keep the dinosaur standing while you work. Base skeleton parts may include the legs and stabilising bars. Some puzzles require that the hobbyist glue the pieces together, but most puzzles snap together.

Pick an end of the dinosaur skeleton to start on, either the tail or the head. Look at the instruction sheet and find the corresponding pieces for the tail or the head and snap or glue them into place.

Finish gluing the remaining bones into the puzzle as you work your way to the middle and the opposite end of the dinosaur. Follow the kit's instruction sheet to find the location for specific pieces.

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