How to Remove Toilet Bowl Ring Stains

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Hard water, lime and calcium can stain the inside of the toilet bowl. Cleaning the toilet bowl with a brush once a week helps prevent an unsightly ring from developing. You can remove toilet-bowl stains from a previously neglected toilet, however. Avoid harsh chemical cleansers.

Abrasives scratch the surface of the bowl and cause pit marks, which hold stains. A wet pumice stone will remove a set-in toilet-bowl stain without damaging the surface of the toilet bowl.

Put on a pair of rubber cleaning gloves. Grab the pumice stone and dip one end into the toilet water.

Scrub the ring with the pumice stone, applying light pressure. The stone scrapes the ring away from the toilet bowl. Repeatedly dip the end of the stone in the water as you scrub; do not allow the pumice stone to dry out.

Flush the toilet to rinse away the residue. This might take several attempts to remove all of the toilet-bowl ring.

Apply a commercial cleaner directly to the toilet bowl ring according to the package directions if you do not have a pumice stone. Allow the cleaner to work on the toilet bowl ring for 10 minutes.

Scrub the toilet bowl ring with a hard-bristle toilet brush. Repeatedly dip the brush in the toilet water as you clean. Bend the brush upward to clean under the toilet-bowl rim. Flush the toilet several times to rinse away the residue and the commercial cleaner.