How to make event wristbands

green silicone wristband image by Georgiy Pashin from

Wristbands are coloured plastic bracelets, which are worn by attendees of an event. It provides organisers with a way of verifying who has purchased a ticket, and gives security an indication of who to allow into designated areas by simply looking at the information or colour on the band.

Event wristbands are manufactured by professionals so that they can be produced in bulk quantities, printed with logos and quality checked. By doing this, each band stays on the wrist for the duration of the event.

Decide on the design specification of the event wristband you want to make. Choose a colour and any words, logos or pictures to add to the wristband.

Draw a rectangle on piece of paper to mimic a wristband, and then add your ideas. Change the design until you find a design that works. Play around with the shapes and size of fonts to experiment with different styles.

Choose whether to make the wristbands from vinyl, plastic or synthetic paper. Vinyl and plastic are suitable for a longer event, such as a festival. Snap locks can be included which ensure that the wristband cannot be removed or transferred between customers. Alternatively, synthetic paper is cheaper and suitable for one-day events, but easily ripped off.

Obtain quotes for your wristbands. Use at least three companies so that you can make a comparison between prices and different manufacturing preferences-- such as the width, material and print quality on the wristband. For example,, or provide this service.

Contact your preferred company and ask if they can accommodate your design. For example when ordering wristbands at, you can choose the colour, text, font and quantity, but you need to contact them to include an image. Alternatively, and also provide stock designs so you can simply choose a design from a selection, instead of customising your own.

Order a sample wristband from the company you have chosen to use. Ask them to make a sample for you to review and make any changes to the design, colour, or wording if you are customising your own.

Make the changes you want, and place the order with the manufacturer. Check that you receive a receipt and delivery date for the wristband order.

Call the manufacturer the day before the due delivery date to verify that the order will be on time. If you have a deadline, do not forget to tell the manufacturer this when you order to make sure you receive the wristbands on time.