How to Make Wooden Pencil Boxes in Secondary Schools

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With all those pencils and no place to put them, the wooden pencil box is an accessory that will be put to practical use. A pencil box is an ideal project for a beginning woodworker. Students can exercise their brains while participating in a hands-on activity.

As students learn to follow measurements, safety protocol and how to work in a team, they also produce a functional piece of wood that can hold pencils or other writing utensils of their choice.

Cut wood pieces according to cut-list measurements in the "Things You'll Need."

Measure, mark and cut the 24-inch board for side pieces. Side pieces should measure at 9 inches each, leaving 6 inches of board left. Cut the wood lengthwise along the saw kerf to make it 1 and 3/4-inches wide.

Use plane to smooth sawn edge.

Cut remaining of 1 and 3/4-inch board at six inches for end pieces. End pieces will measure three inches each.

Nail sides to ends. Make sure bottom edges are aligned.

Cut the 10-inch board for bottom of wooden pencil box.

Use the plane again to smooth cut edge.

Nail the bottom of box to sides.

Slide lid on top of wooden box.

Drill 1/8 inch bit to make a hole in lid for the lid stop dowel.

Cut dowel to appropriate length and fit stop into hole.

Sand the box smooth and decorate as desired.