How to Watch Hollywood Movies in Hindi

Hollywood makes several movies a year with a wide range of topics. Many of the movies are dubbed into different languages for viewing or selling in different countries. One of the languages that Hollywood movies are dubbed into is Hindi. It is possible to watch movies dubbed into Hindi online.

Select a preferred website for video viewing. Websites like Online Hindi Dubbed or Live Desi Video (see Resources) have movies from Hollywood that are dubbed in Hindi.

Pick a movie from the list of available dubbed movies. There are several movies available on the websites and the available movies are constantly updating as new movies come out and are dubbed.

Download any viewing codex or applications required for viewing. If the computer does not have the appropriate software to play the movie, the website will usually have a link to download the playback software. Click the link and download the appropriate codec or software for the website. It usually only takes a minute.

Watch the movie. Once the software is downloaded, the movie should start automatically. Some websites will require refreshing the page before the movie plays.