How to identify cameras in hotel rooms

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If you staying in a hotel, you want a measure of privacy that you have at home. Unfortunately, with crime and terrorism on the rise, hotel owners are being more cautious than ever. They legally need to disclose that you are being watched via video camera, but they do not always do that. With some careful observation and a simple tool, you can find out if you are being watched without your consent in your hotel room.

Look closely for places that a camera could fit without being detected. Take a look inside air ducts and vents, fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and even in night lights and other light fixtures. Check also behind lamps and look closely at anything attached to a cabinet. Cameras are getting smaller as technology advances and are harder to find now than ever before.

Inspect any electronics that are installed in your room. You might not even think about a camera being installed in a TV, computer display, remote control or light switch, but they can easily go undetected in places that you would never expect to see them in the first place. Electronics also make solid hiding places based on the fact that they have power that can be wired to small cameras.

Buy a tool such as Spyville's Spy finder that is designed to work instantly when it detects a camera. Move throughout your room very slowly with the Spy Finder and you will see it blink red if it finds a camera. The technology behind the Spy Finder was developed by the government and then licensed out for a fee to companies such as Spyvile.

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