How to Make a Toy Lightsaber out of Foam Noodles

pink foam image by laurent dambies from

A lightsaber is a weapon used in the popular fiction movie "Star Wars." It has a control-embedded, metal handle that houses a "blade," an illuminated plasma that resembles a thin, fluorescent light bulb.

Lightsabers are a favourite among Star Wars enthusiasts and are sold as novelty items all over the globe, with several manufacturers. For a less costly and more creative version, these can be made at home with a few items.

Purchase foam noodles locally or online from a pool supply store. They come in a variety of colours, thickness and length and can be purchased singularly or in bulk. Ask about discounts when ordering several tubes.

Take off any stickers or tags that may have come with the foam. Take care not to damage the surface in the process.

Determine the desired size of the lightsaber. Full-size lightsabers are about 5 feet long, while ones made for children and toddlers are about 2 feet. A judgment call will have to be made on the part of the assembler. Mark the length with a pen and cut with a utility knife.

Use silver duct tape to cover one end of the noodle, preferably the rougher edge of the two, which will resemble the handle. Start from the base and tightly wind the tape around the foam, making sure no bumps or rough edges are formed. The smoother the better. The size of the handle should be proportionate to the size of the "blade", about one fourth the size of the entire lightsaber. Use strips of black duct tape on top of the silver to further duplicate the essence of a "genuine" lightsaber. Creativity and customisation can add to the overall look of the replica.