How to make a homemade dog treadmill

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A canine treadmill helps keep the dog in shape by allowing the animal to get enough exercise. Regular exercise allows the dog to lead a healthy lifestyle by strengthening its heart muscle and relieving stress. Treadmills are a good solution for dogs that do not get to go outside and exercise much. Although canine treadmills can be purchased, it can be more cost efficient to build your own dog treadmill.

Select a treadmill without a centre post to allow the dog to have a walking path that is unobstructed. You can use a human treadmill, as well. However, the control panel should be elevated to avoid distracting the dog.

Use a screwdriver to remove the front, back and top panels of the kennel cage.

Place the modified kennel cage under the treadmill so the side panels serve as guardrails on either side of the walkway. These will allow the dog to keep walking forward and avoid distractions. Attach the panels to the treadmill posts with string so they remain upright.

Use a piece of string to extend the emergency stop line by knotting one end of the string to the emergency stop cord.

Attach a piece of rope at the same level as the dog's neck around one of the control panel pillars.

Affix a carabiner to the piece of rope. The carabiner will serve as a pulley for the emergency stop rope.

Pull the emergency stop string down the leg of the control panel and into the carabiner.

Place the dog on the treadmill. Attach the free side of the emergency stop string to the dog's collar when the treadmill is in use. Increase the speed on the treadmill until the dog is walking comfortably.

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