How to Make Cornflower Blue

cornflower image by Przemyslaw Koroza from

Cornflower blue is a rich light blue colour resembling a clear early evening sky. This shade is also commonly referred to as periwinkle. You may need this colour for a computer-based task or a traditional brush painting. You can get the correct mixture for your purpose using one of the following techniques.

Open your image project or create a new one within your image editor. This is usually accomplished by selecting "File" and "Open" or "File" and "New" respectively from the top menu. Use the methods provided by your specific application.

Locate the colour mixer and insert the following values based on the method you will be using:

RGB values:

In the red field (R), insert the value "64"

In the green field (G), insert the value "95"

In the blue field (B), insert the value "ED"

Hex values:

In the hex field insert the value "#6495ED"

Hue & colour values:

In the Hue field, insert the value "146"

In the Sat field, insert the value "196"

In the Lum field, insert the value "159"

In the Red field, insert the value "100"

In the Green field, insert the value "149"

In the Blue field, insert the value "237"

Save the colour according to the method provided within your editor. This is usually a "Add to Custom Colors" button. Use this shade from your colours tool to colour your object cornflower blue.

Place equal amounts of zinc white paint and french ultramarine blue paint onto a palette.

Mix the colours well, using a palette knife to scoop the paints back and forth into each other.

Add a small portion of Prussian blue to the mix, again using the palette knife to blend the paints until a uniform colour is achieved.