How to Install a 6BTV Antenna

Hustler 6BTV is a six-band, high-frequency vertical antenna designed for use by amateur radio enthusiasts in the 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, and 75 or 80 meter bandwidths.

Made from heavy aluminium and stainless steel, the antenna is easily assembled and can be either mounted in the ground or in an elevated position with the use of radial wires. Ground mounting can be the easiest way to install the antenna if the conditions allow.

Assemble the antenna, following the instructions that come with the Hustler 6BTV.

Determine the location to be used for the ground installation of the antenna. The area should be clear of obstructions with clear access to the sky.

Drive a 3-foot metal pipe to be used as a mast into the ground. The antenna will then be mounted to the mast using the brackets that come with the unit.

Connect the antenna using a coaxial cable with the radio transmitter.