My JVC Camcorder Is Stuck in Safe Mode

JVC camcorders are programmed with a locking feature dubbed "Safe Mode" that shuts down the camera operation and displays a coded error message when something goes wrong. If you know the code for the error message, you may be able to resolve the problem quickly.

If all troubleshooting attempts fail to get the camcorder out of "Safe Mode," then repairs may be necessary.

Fold out the LCD screen on the side of the camcorder and turn on the power switch along the top edge to illuminate the screen.

Disconnect the battery pack or the DC power plug on the back of the camcorder if the LCD screen displays error code "01," "02" or "06." This resets the camcorder and unlocks the unit from safe mode. Wait 10 minutes before reconnecting power.

Press the "Eject" button on the edge of the camcorder and remove the digital or analogue videotape cassette if the LCD screen displays error code "03" or "04."

Turn the tape over in your hands to inspect the cassette for obvious signs of damage, including a tangled tape. Replace a damaged cassette with a new tape.

Insert the video cassette back into the camcorder. Close the door and check the LCD screen once more to see if the error message has cleared.