The Installation of Round Windows

Circular windows are offered by many different manufacturers and come in varying sizes. They are designed to give the house a distinctive and exciting look and can come with grilles in the glass. Installing circular windows is similar to installing rectangular windows.

The most important part is having the rough opening framed to the correct size. With a few tools and the proper instruction, any homeowner can have this window installed in a jiffy.

Measure the size of the rough opening to determine what size window will be needed for installation. Install corner braces angled into the square opening to make it roundish. Cut a 2-by-4 with a circular saw so the pieces fit in each corner in the opening and nail them in with a hammer. Install all four corner pieces in the same manner so the window has bracing.

Insert the window into the opening and make sure the depth of the jamb is good. Run a bead of caulk around the nailing fin and push the window into the opening.

Nail into the nailing fin with a hammer to temporarily hold the window in place. Insert a few nails into the holes in the nailing fin and check to make sure the unit is plumb and level. Add shims if necessary to level it out. Insert the rest of the nails by hammering one into each opening on the nailing fin.

Add another bead of caulk around the outside of the window to seal it properly and inspect the window to make sure there are no gaps and cracks in it. Install window trim around the interior of the window to help better insulate it.