How to Connect PayPal to iTunes

Jack Hollingsworth/Photodisc/Getty Images

PayPal allows you to send and receive money online without transmitting bank account or credit card information to individual merchants. A PayPal account may be associated with one or more money sources including credit cards, debit cards and current accounts.

You can connect PayPal to an iTunes account so that purchases are charged through that account.

Open iTunes and click on the "Store" menu. Select "Sign In." Enter the Apple ID and password or AOL screen name and password associated with the iTunes account. Press the "Sign In" button.

Go to the "Store" menu and select "View My Account." Re-enter the account information and press "View Account."

Click "Edit Payment Information." Click the radio button next to the "PayPal" logo and press the "Continue" button. Your web browser will open into a PayPal login screen.

Enter your PayPal e-mail address and password. Press "Log In."

Read the information on the page and confirm you want to use PayPal as the payment method for iTunes by clicking the "Agree and Continue" button. Press the "Continue iTunes Store" button to complete the process and return to iTunes.