How to Repair a Stationary Bike Computer

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A stationary bike's computer can tell you how long you've been riding, how many miles you've gone and how many calories you have burnt. If the computer isn't working it can put a damper on your exercise routine. You can fix some basic stationary bike computer issues on your own by checking the power, the connection to the bike itself and the cleanliness of the machine. However, you may need to seek additional assistance if the following steps don't help solve the problem.

Dust the computer with the compressed air canister, paying particular attention to any sticking or non-functioning buttons.

Open the computer's battery compartment and remove the batteries. Check for corrosion in the battery compartment. If there is any, scrub it away with the small brush.

Unscrew the computer's housing with the correct screwdriver. Carefully open the housing and identify where the wires from the bike connect to the computer. Ensure that the connections are still in place. If not, reconnect them if you can. You may need to seek assistance to resolder disconnected wires, but in some models you can simply tighten the screw holding the wire in place.

Close the housing of the computer and replace the screws holding it together. Install new batteries in the battery compartment and close it.

Turn on the computer and test it. If it is still not working, contact the manufacturer for a recommendation on a repair person in your area.

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