How to Make Blonde Highlights Blonder

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Blonde highlights can instantly brighten your appearance, especially because they call to mind the memory of sunny summer weather. Using highlights is also an easier way to lighten your hair colour than using bleach to change your overall colour.

Highlights can also look more natural than a flat single shade of colour. However, sometimes highlights initially do not look as blonde as you prefer. It is possible to emphasise your highlights and bring out the lighter blonde tones you desire.

Squeeze the juice out of two lemons, collecting the juice in a cup or bowl. Pour the fresh lemon juice over clean hair. Sit outdoors in the sun for up to two hours. The acidity in lemon juice and the sun may both lighten your hair. Rinse lemon juice from hair. Use conditioner after the lemon juice treatment.

Buy a shampoo specially formulated for blonde hair. These shampoos contain ingredients that are actually blue in colour, which counteracts brassy tones in blonde hair. When blonde highlights do not appear light enough, sometimes it means that the tones are brassy rather than dark. Toning down the brassiness with a blonde-hair shampoo can make hair look lighter.

Use toner. You can buy toner at a beauty supply store. Toner is a peroxide-based dye that contains a blue shade, which also diminishes brassiness and orange or dark tones.

Get more highlights and ask the stylist to use bleach or a higher developer. Highlights only lift the colour of your natural hair a few shades, and it may not be enough to sufficiently lighten your hair if your natural colour is very dark. Bleach or a higher volume developer can make naturally dark hair look blonder.