How to remove moss from roof tiles

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When moss begins to grow on roof tiles or shingles, it can make your home look extremely unsightly or ugly. Many people hire professionals to remove the moss, fearing that the process is too difficult to undertake on their own.

In reality, removing moss from roof tiles is a simple and straightforward task that you can accomplish with materials found around the house and at your local home improvement store. Always use caution when climbing on a ladder to reach the shingles, and if your roof is extremely sloped, do not attempt to walk on it.

Climb up on the ladder and loosen each shingle by sliding the trowel underneath it. Once you have loosened a shingle, place a zinc strip underneath it and nail the strip in place.

Put sealant on each nail head, and run a thin line of sealant underneath each shingle.

Repeat this for each shingle until you have installed the zinc strips across the entire roof with a 3 mm (1/8-inch) gap between strips. These strips will keep water and moisture from getting underneath the shingles or tiles, and will help prevent future moss build-up.

Mix together a solution of one part water to one part bleach and put it in the garden sprayer. Cover all nearby plants, flowers and grass with the plastic covering.

Spray the moss covered shingles with the garden sprayer. The moss will eventually come off.