How to Clean the Robot Coupe

Robot Coupe U.S.A. invented and currently manufactures commercial food processors, blenders and other food preparation machines for the food service industry. Their reliability, ease of use and modular pieces for easy cleaning make them valuable tools in commercial kitchens.

Their food processor units have been in circulation the longest, and are the most likely Robot Coupe items to be found in a kitchen. However, all Robot Coupe equipment is designed in a modular fashion for easy cleaning.

Unplug your Robot Coupe and disassemble the parts of it that touched food. For example, on the food processor, remove and take apart the hand guard, lid, bowl and blade.

Load all parts of your disassembled Robot Coupe into your dishwasher. Aim them so the spray nozzles on your particular dishwasher will clearly hit the dirty parts of your Robot Coupe without being blocked or deflected.

Wipe down the mechanical base of your Robot Coupe with a damp, soapy sponge. Wipe again with plain water to rinse. Dry thoroughly before putting away.