How to Set the Hands of a Casio HDC-600

The Casio HDC-600 wristwatch is 100-meter water resistant, features analogue and digital time displays, keeps track of multiple time zones and glows in lowlight conditions. The analogue watch hands do not always match the time shown on the digital display; adjusting the analogue time involves entering the watch's set-up menu and making changes using the buttons on the side of the watch. Setting the time takes less than 5 minutes.

Press the "C" button located near the "8" marker six times in timekeeping mode. The watch enters hand-setting mode.

Hold down the "A" button near the "10" marker. The current time flashes on the LCD display.

Press "D" near the "4" marker; the analogue time advances by 20 seconds. Hold down "D" until the hands show the correct time.

Press "A" then "C." The watch returns to timekeeping mode.

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