How to Open the Back Panel of a Nokia 6500 Slide

The Nokia 6500 Slide has a user replaceable battery and a SIM card. If you wish to access either of these components, you'll need to remove the phone's back cover. On some phones, the back cover panel simply slides on. On the Nokia 6500 Slide, you must press a release key to unlock the back cover panel.

This allows you to remove the panel to view the battery and SIM card.

Press and hold the "Power" button on the keypad to turn the Nokia 6500 Slide off. When the screen goes black, turn the phone over. Disconnect the charging cable.

Inspect the top edge of the phone, above the camera lens. You see the back cover release key.

Push the release key. Grasp the back cover and lift it upward to remove it.

Push the back cover back into place to replace it. It will snap to the phone without you having to push the release key.