How to Contact AOL by Phone or Live Chat

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America Online, or AOL, is a company that offers Internet plans for dial up and high speed users. AOL does not include its live customer support in all plans. Only customers with certain plans can receive phone and chat support.

If you do not subscribe to one of these plans, AOL offers an online resource library for troubleshooting purposes.

Check the technical support included with your plan. Only the basic dial-up, dial-up advantage and high-speed essentials plans include 24/7 live customer support. If your plan is not included, AOL offers an online resource library that all customers can access.

Call 1-800-827-6364 to contact AOL's 24/7 customer service line. This number is available to customers with plans that include technical assistance and who need help with their account or support issues.

Sign into your AOL account with your username or e-mail address and password. To access chat support, click "Contact AOL" at the bottom of the screen or type "Live Help" in the AOL Keyword box.