How to Extract Sony Recovery Disk Files: MOD & SNY

All Sony computers come with a recovery disk option. This allows you to create a boot disk used with the computer, in case issues arise with the operating system. These disks contain specific files used to reboot the computer and hopefully correct the issue you run into with the computer. Even if you do not have a problem with your Sony computer, you can extract data files from the disk, such as those with a .mod and .sny extension.

Power on the Sony computer (any other Windows computer can be used for the extraction task).

Insert the recovery disk into the computer and close out the AutoPlay window that appears.

Click "Start," "Computer" then double-click the disk icon on the screen. A window now loads with all the files currently stored on the recovery disk.

Scroll through the list of files until you locate the .mod and .sny files you want to extract.

Click-and-drag the located files onto your desktop (or any other location on the computer). Perform this process with all the .mod and .sny files to extract all the needed files from the recovery disk to your computer system.

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