How to Shine a Dull Laminate Countertop

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Laminate countertops are recognised for their durability, simple maintenance requirements and nonporous surfaces. They are available in a diverse selection of colours, patterns and textures to accommodate individual style preferences.

Daily exposure to surface contaminates, such as abrasive dirt and food particles, eventually causes shiny laminate countertops to become dull and dingy. Regularly cleaning and polishing laminate countertops restores their natural shine and preserves their overall aesthetic appeal. Shine a dull laminate countertop using basic supplies.

Put on rubber gloves to protect your hands. Open the windows in the room to provide suitable air circulation.

Mix 1 tbsp of chlorine bleach with 1 qt. of cool water in a clean plastic container. Dampen a clean cotton cloth in the bleach solution.

Wipe the countertop with the wet cloth to disinfect and clean the laminate surface. Remove all dirt, grease, grime and residue from the countertop.

Allow the countertop to air dry completely.

Apply car wax to another clean cotton cloth. Rub the rag in circular motions over the entire countertop until the laminate surface is completely covered with wax. Keep the wax on the countertop for 10 minutes.

Wipe off the excess wax residue from the countertop using another clean cotton cloth.