How to Trim an Easter Cactus

An Easter cactus also has the name "spring" cactus because it typically blooms in the spring. Easter cacti are one of three holiday cacti, including Thanksgiving and Christmas, that bloom in the autumn and winter, respectively. Easter cacti bloom with red or pink blossoms covering their leaflike stems. Trim an Easter cactus to keep the plant shaped attractively and to remove the spent blossoms from the stems. With minimal care, you can ensure that your cactus continues to thrive.

Monitor the Easter cactus blooms as they burst forth on the plant. Easter cactus plants will bloom any time between the months of April and July. When the blooms start to fade, it's time to trim the cactus.

Trim the spent blossoms from the cactus with the pruning shears. Cut off the stems at the point where the stem sections into a segment. You could also pinch these segments off, if you desire. Trim the cactus plant around the entire perimeter to make it even and attractive.

Fertilise the Easter cactus after trimming by mixing the fertiliser with water according to package recommendations for the size of the container. Pour the fertiliser over the soil carefully without splashing fertiliser onto the foliage of the cactus.

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