How to Wire Garage Outlets

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As the most common workplace for home projects, the garage is an ideal place for multiple electrical sockets. Having an extra outlet handy can make your projects run smoother and your garage more useful. Wiring a garage outlet can seem intimidating for many homeowners, but is a relatively straightforward task.

Turn off the power to the garage.

Remove the exterior rubber and paper sheathing from the wire cable. Remove one inch of sheathing from the ends of the individual wires with wire strippers.

Connect the wires to the electrical socket. Use the pliers to loop the wires around the screws on the sides of the outlet. Wrap the black wire around dark or copper coloured screw. Loop the white wire around the lighter coloured screw. Wrap the ground wire around the green screw. Use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and lock the wires in place.

Push the outlet into the electrical box and screw it into place with a screwdriver. Screw the plate cover onto the outlet.

Turn on the power to the garage outlet.

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