Gravity Strider Instructions

Cardiovascular health enables you to perform physical activities for a longer period of time without getting tired and needing to take a rest.

Although running and walking are the simplest ways to work on cardiovascular health, they can also be quite taxing on the joints of the legs, particularly the knees if you run on hard surfaces. Low-impact machines, such as the Gravity Strider, which allows users to take arcing steps that never strike down, are designed to allow you to work on your cardiovascular health without having to take repeated jarring impacts.

Turn the four tension knobs on the Gravity Strider, located on the frame near the handles, to increase or decrease the difficulty of the machine.

Hold the stable handles on the frame when using the Gravity Strider for a lower-body-only exercise.

Hold the movable handles to move the Gravity Strider with both your arms and your legs.

Hold both handles firmly in your hands when getting on or off the Gravity Strider.

Place your dominant foot in the corresponding foot panel first, then your non-dominant foot.