Installation of Roof Gutter Asphalt Felt

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Asphalt felt, more commonly referred to as roofing felt, is a thin tar-like paper made of asphalt that is normally laid on top of roofs, as a layer between the plywood roof and the shingles. However, people also use it to line their roof gutters in an effort to keep water flowering through their gutters more smoothly.

Installing asphalt felt in your gutters is not a challenging job; however, it can be time consuming.

Measure the length of your gutters all the way around your roof. Also, measure the width of your gutters, as this is the width you will have to cut your asphalt felt to later.

Clean out all your gutters. Scrape out any excess gunk or debris using a hand shovel. Once you have removed the vast majority of gutter funk, run your hose on high jet speed, and completely rinse out all your gutters. Allow your gutters to dry over night.

Use a utility knife to begin cutting strips of asphalt felt to lay in your gutters. The width of the strips should be the same width as your gutters. Cut out approximately 30 to 40 strips to start. If you run out, you can always cut more later.

Carry the strips up the ladder and begin laying them on the inside of your gutter. Before laying, spread a small amount of adhesive to the side that will be facing down in your gutters. It is OK to overlap the felt strips by around a half an inch. Continue to lay the strips until you have covered the inside of your gutters.