How to Trim a Kalanchoe Images

The kalanchoe plant grows as a winter- and early-spring-blooming houseplant. It comes in many colours, including white, pink, red, yellow and orange. The scalloped succulent foliage and bright clusters of flowers add colour in late winter when little else is blossoming.

These perennials remain green year-round but only flower when days are short but nights are long. Kalanchoe is a low-maintenance indoor plant, but benefits from a minor trim about once a year.

Cut off the flower stems with shears once the kalanchoe finishes blossoming. Remove the stems where they emerge from the main plant.

Trim away any dead or damaged foliage. Prune off these leaves flush with the stem or cut the entire stem back to the nearest set of healthy leaves.

Prune back any overgrown stems or leaves. Cut these back to within ¼ inch of the next set of leaves on the stem.

Cut back the top and sides of the plant to control the shape of the kalanchoe. Most plants look best when pruned to an even mounded shape. Make each cut within ¼ inch of a leaf set.