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How to Open ProLine Soap Dispensers

Updated February 21, 2017

ProLine is a line of soap dispensers from deb SBS manufactures. These industrial type soap dispensers often found in commercial and public facilities and bathrooms. The soap is released by the user pushing on a pump located at the base of the unity. The dispenser locks and unlocks with the use of a key. Owners of ProLine units can replace the soap with a cartridge by unlocking and opening the dispenser.

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  1. Insert the ProLine key into the key hole located underneath the soap dispenser.

  2. Turn the key clockwise to unlock. The front panel of the dispenser releases and opens.

  3. Unclog or replace the soap cartridge.

  4. Lift the front panel back into place.

  5. Lock the dispenser by inserting the key and turning counter-clockwise.

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