How to clean pebble dash

Pebble-dash is a type of stucco in which pebbles have been embedded. Commonly used as a decorative surface, pebble-dash has been used on walkways, home exteriors and walls. It can become dirty and stained from its exposure to the elements. Routine cleanings can keep your pebble-dash looking fresh and new.

Examine the pebble-dash surface. If you notice cracks or holes, do not attempt to clean it at this time. Water can seep through the holes, causing the cracks to widen or deepen, damaging the surface below the pebble-dash. Have any repairs completed before cleaning.

Spray the pebble-dash with a hose to remove dirt, dust and build-up.

Fill a bucket with hot water. Add 1 tbsp liquid dish soap per gallon of water. Alternatively, if the pebble-dash is extremely dirty or stained, a stucco cleaning soap can be used. Dilute the cleaner in water, following the manufacturer's instructions for how much soap to add per gallon of water.

Dip a medium-sized bristle brush into the soapy water. For large surfaces, use a large, long-handled bristle brush. Scrub the pebble-dash with the brush to remove all residue, stains and dirt.

Spray the pebble-dash with a hose, starting from the top and working your way downward, to remove soap residue. Allow it to air-dry.

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