How to Filter Diesel Fuel With Toilet Paper

diesel storage tank image by Jim Parkin from

Diesel fuel is petroleum or animal oil-based fuel that is both heavier than and not as volatile as gasoline. Special diesel engines are needed to use this fuel for power since the ignition of the hydrocarbons are done using high compression as opposed to the more common method of using a spark plug ignition.

Diesel fuel filters remove water and other contaminants before the fuel gets into the engine combustion chamber. This makes the fuel as pure and contaminant free as possible for the most complete, powerful and efficient burn.

Install a diesel fuel toilet paper adaptor on your fuel line. This comes in a kit with complete instructions and the parts needed for the job.

Unscrew the case on the toilet paper adaptor once it is installed, and put in a roll of toilet paper. Refer to the manufacturer's directions about the size of the roll needed. Manufacturers also supply their own special toilet paper rolls specifically for their product.

Screw the toilet paper case---with toilet paper roll inside---back onto the fuel filter and run the diesel engine normally.