How to Remove the Airbox From a Honda CBR1000F

The air box in your Honda CBR1000F keeps the air that flows through your engine clean and pure, making sure that your motorcycle burns only what it needs to in order to propel you forward. For the air box to do what it should, it needs to be kept clean and maintained on a regular basis.

You will need to remove the air box from time to time to clean or replace it. Rather than take your bike to the Honda dealer for repair, learn how to remove the air box from your CBR at home.

Set your CBR1000F on its kickstand on a level, flat surface so you can work without worry of it falling over.

Twist the clip screw at the top left of the right-side side cover counterclockwise using a Phillips screwdriver to disengage the clip. Pull the side cover down and then away from the bike to gain access to the air box.

Locate the air duct screw just below the air duct behind the side cover. Remove this screw, then pull the air duct off of the bike.

Locate the three screws to the upper right that hold the air cleaner housing cover in place. Remove these three screws and pull the air cleaner housing cover off of the bike.

Remove the metal retainer behind the housing cover, then pull the air box out of its holder. Take your air box to the local shop to purchase a replacement. Reinstallation is simply the reverse of removal.