Instructions for a Panasonic Kx TCA122E

The Kx TCA122E is a type of cordless cellular telephone designed by Panasonic. This device hooks up to any regular phone jack in your home and provides you with phone service in any room you'd like.

Setting up your Kx TCA122E is a straightforward process than involves connecting the phone's base to a phone jack and then charging the battery inside the handset included in the device's packaging.

Plug the power cable attached to the charging cradle on your Kx TCA122E phone into a wall outlet. Once connected, press "Power." This will turn on your cordless phone.

Connect a standard telephone cable to your phone's charging cradle, then plug the other end into a phone jack in your wall. The back of the charging cradle has a single phone cable input. Use this input to connect your phone cable, as well as any available phone jack in your wall. This allows your Kx TCA122E to use your home phone line.

Place your Kx TCA122E handset down on the base of the charging cradle. This will begin to charge the handset's internal battery. When the indicator light on the front of the charging cradle turns from red to green, your phone is charged and is ready to be used like a normal landline telephone.