How to clear blackheads with finacea

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If you've tried a variety of creams, face washes and medications to get rid of the blackheads on your face, but nothing works, or if struggling with acne means you sometimes don't feel like going out because you wish your skin was clear, help is available in the form of Finacea.

It is a safe and effective medicated gel face wash that helps to unclog your pores and clear your blackheads. You can buy it over the counter at a pharmacy or drugstore, and by using it consistently, you should see a marked reduction in blackheads.

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Wash your hands and clean your fingernails before you begin any skin cleansing routine, to avoid spreading bacteria and causing an infection. Wash your face with a medicated face wash and warm water. Do not use a face wash that contains alcohol or exfoliants, as this may dry out or damage the skin. Pat your face dry using a soft cloth or towel.

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Apply a thin layer of Finacea gel to your face, taking care to rub it in gently all over. Focus on the areas that are prone to blackheads. Avoid getting gel in your eyes, ears or nose. Do not apply the gel thickly and do not cover your skin after applying it. Allow your skin to breathe. Do this twice daily, as part of your morning and evening skin cleansing routine.

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Wash your hands carefully and dry them thoroughly on a soft towel. This will avoid getting any Finacea gel in your eyes or mouth.

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Continue with your usual skin routine, once the Finacea gel has dried. Apply make-up as usual, at the beginning of your day. This will not reduce the effectiveness of the Finacea on unclogging your pores. For the evening skin cleansing routine, leave the Finacea gel on your skin to do its work overnight while you sleep.

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Finacea gel works the most effectively when it is used regularly and consistently. It is important to apply it to your skin twice daily. Eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and keep your skin as clean as possible, as this multi-pronged approach will help you in your effort to get rid of blackheads. If you forget one application of Finacea, apply the gel as soon as you remember to do so. It is normal to experience a slight burning sensation on your skin for the first few weeks of using Finacea. If this persists, or if the burning is severe, consult your doctor immediately.