How to Use Borax Mixtures to Kill Ants

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Borax, or boric acid, is a natural substance from the earth that is toxic to ants and other insects. If you have an ant problem in your home and want avoid the use of chemical-laden pesticides, borax is an organic alternative that is also effective. When used to kill ants, borax is mixed with other ingredients that attract the ants to come and eat the borax bait. Ingredients commonly found in the kitchen are all that's needed to make your own borax mixture to kill ants.

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Stir a quarter cup of creamy peanut butter, six tbsp of honey and three-quarters tsp of borax together in a bowl. Mix the three ingredients well with a spoon to distribute the borax evenly.

Remove the lids from clean yoghurt containers. Spoon some of your borax bait into the bottom of each empty yoghurt container. Replace the lids on the containers.

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Punch a few holes into the yoghurt containers' lids using kitchen scissors. The lids keep pets and small children out of your bait, and the holes allow ants easy entry and exit.

Place the borax bait containers in areas where ants have been seen. The ants enter the yoghurt containers, eat some bait and bring some back to share with those that remain in the colony.

Change the bait traps every three days. Alternate the honey and peanut butter bait with a bait made of one tsp borax, three ounces white sugar and enough water to make it syrupy in consistency. Place your new bait traps out so they can continue to attract and kill ants.

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