How to Re-Ink a Xstamper No. 1

stamp print image by Pali A from

Rubber stamps are a necessity for businesses of any size. An Xstamper No. 1 can be customised to contain a message, numbers or addresses and phone numbers. Xstampers, however, require ink refills once the ink dries up. After re-inking, you should wait 12 hours before using to allow the ink to penetrate the stamp.

Squeeze the sides and pull up at the same time to remove the plastic top from the Xstamper No. 1.

Remove the ink caps from the ink pad inside to expose the inking area.

Drop 2 to 6 drops of ink onto each ink pad. Replace ink caps.

Replace plastic top by pressing in on the lock knobs and pressing down on the plastic top at the same time.

Test the stamp on a piece of scrap paper until the print is consistent and legible.