A Reliance Mouth Guard: Instructions for Fitting

soccer ball image by Mitchell Knapton from Fotolia.com

Reliance manufactures boil-and-bite mouth guards for the sport of soccer. Unlike other mouth guards used in soccer, boil-and-bite models are custom fit for the unique shape of your teeth. Wearing a mouth guard while playing sports will drastically reduce the likelihood of injuring your teeth and gums.

Place a small metal pot under a running faucet. Move the pot as it fills up halfway. Place the pot over a burner on your kitchen stove set to high heat.

Place a glass cup under the faucet and fill it halfway. Drop a few ice cubes into the glass. Allow the water in the pot enough time to reach a proper boil and remove from heat.

Remove your Reliance soccer mouth guard from its plastic packaging. Hold the new mouth guard with a pair of kitchen tongs. Lower the mouth guard into the boiling water. Allow the mouth guard to warm in the pot for 15 seconds.

Lift the Reliance mouth guard out of the boiling water with kitchen tongs. Lower the heated mouthpiece into the ice water for a few seconds. Remove the mouth guard from the ice water. Place the mouth guard in the palm of your hand to gauge its temperature.

Insert the Reliance mouth guard into your mouth to cover the top row of teeth. Push lightly against the mouth guard to allow the thermoplastic material to mould around your teeth. Bite down to hold the mouth guard in place for the moulding process. Remove the mouth guard and put it back in the cold water.