How to Replace Inlet Hoses in Dishwashers

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The inlet hose on your dishwasher provides water to the machine for the wash cycle. A coupling on one side of the hose connects to the water supply valve, while the coupling on the other end of the hose connects to the inlet on the dishwasher. Replacing an inlet hose in a dishwasher should be done when the old inlet hose is leaking or otherwise damaged. These types of repairs are fairly easy and you'll save yourself a few bucks by replacing the inlet hose in a dishwasher yourself.

Turn off the power supply for the dishwasher.Look for the circuit breaker in your home electrical panel and turn it to the "off" position.

Follow the inlet hose from the dishwasher back to where it connects to the water supply valve. In a typical set-up, this will be underneath the kitchen sink. Rotate the knob on the end of the water supply valve clockwise to turn off the water.

Unscrew the coupling connecting the inlet hose to the water supply valve. If necessary, use a pair of pliers to begin turning the connection until you can turn it by hand. Place a bucket nearby to set the end of the hose into and allow the residual water to drain into the bucket.

Remove the toe panel and kick panel from the front of the dishwasher. Remove the toe panel first, located next to the floor. These are usually held in place by two screws on either side of the front. The kick panel, just beneath the refrigerator door, is held in place by screws on the side. There may also be screws in the top of the panel, which need to be removed while the dishwasher door is in the open position.

Unscrew the inlet hose coupling from the elbow joint located behind the kickpanel. Pull the inlet hose out of the dishwasher. It might be more convenient to pull the hose from the cabinet.

Insert one end of the new supply hose through the hole in the dishwasher cabinet wall and feed it under the dishwasher until you reach the coupling. Avoid hitting wires as you feed the hose. Wrap the threads on the elbow joint with plumber's tape. Attach one end of the new inlet hose to the joint. Secure with the wrench.

Run the inlet hose to the water supply valve. Wrap the threads on the water supply valve with plumber's tape. Connect the coupling for the inlet hose.

Restore the water supply by turning the supply knob counterclockwise. Turn the power back on for the dishwasher. Run a short test load. Check the inlet hose for leaks and tighten any couplings if needed. reassemble the kickpanel.

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